aiticon's headquarters located in downtown FrankfurtAn Office Amongst City Lights

The aiticon headquarters could hardly be located any more conveniently: right in the middle of downtown Frankfurt, just a few minutes on foot from the public transportation hub Konstabler Wache and the famous shopping street "Zeil" - this is where we moved in late October 2013.

On the eighth floor of the office building "MA" in Stephanstraße 1, we, the aiticon team, have enough space - as in square footage as well as in "head space" - for our daily duties. Here is where executive and project management, marketing and parts of the development teams are seated - the other part has its home on the "Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld" (roughly: Eco Campus Birkenfeld) in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, a village in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Lots of daylight

In addition to smaller amenities like a foosball table, a comfy kitchen or a fully equipped bathroom, it is the glas walls that give this office space its special atmosphere: They grant the rooms, which are already equipped with large windows, with a huge extra amount of daylight.

The Japanese character "MA" adorning the former diamond exchange's facade, behind which the office is to be found, means space, time or apartment, but also pause or chance. A nice conceptual thought for the almost 200.000 sqare feet commercial property, in which we feel highly comfortable. In addition to the esotheric idea, after all, the practical realisation took everything that is necessary and useful into consideration, making this a positive and efficient workplace. The devil is usually in the detail - but here, everything just fits, right down to sockets, air conditioning and lighting.

Perfect infrastructure

The neighborhood holds coffee shops, restaurants, galleries and historic buildings like the Peterskirche; the subway, suburban train, tram and bus station Konstabler Wache lies within a stone's throw, on and around the "Zeil", virtually every shopping-wise need is met.

Our recommendations

Hotels, restaurants, but also public transportation and tourist attractions - we have it all. In order to help you choose, we have assembled our personal and highly subjective favorites. From the farmers' market at Konstabler Wache, where we like to spend our Thursday lunch break, to the Chinese Garden in Bethmannpark. Enjoy!

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