aiticon Christmas PartyCoders go Celebrity Chefs

Life is too short to eat bad food - we told ourselves and decided to cook our own food for this year's Christmas party.

First, though, we had to work for the evening's feast - we played an Escape Game. In those, the team is locked into a room and has to find the key to freedom by solving a variety of riddles - within one hour.

Free at record speed

While slightly decimated - even on Christmas Party Day, our customers' urgent requests come first, obviously! - we still aced that one. After only 43 minutes, the lock clicked and we were "free".

Truffles and Co.

What followed sounds like from a fine dining restaurant's Christmas menu, yet is the result of just a few hours in the kitchen in aiticon's Frankfurt headquarters: Smoked Salmon Tartar with Hash Browns and Mango Mayonnaise, Pine Nut Risotto with Dried Tomatoes, Basil and Marinated Mozzarella, followed by Beef Sirloin Steak with Fresh Truffles and Parmesan Potatoes au gratin, and finally Moroccan Orange Salad with Sesame Brittle, Mint Yoghurt and Cardamom Vinaigrette.

Tiny little helper

As a tiny limitation to our culinary abilities, we have to confess that we got a little help from "Kochhaus". In this special kind of supermarket, you buy all the ingredients to your dish, readily portioned for the amount of people that you want to feed. The recipes handed out with them describe all the necessary steps in a really amateur-friendly way - including a picture for every part.

After-dinner walk

Divided into "Team Starters" and "Team Main Course", we went to work and didn't only have a lot of fun, but also quite the bellyache - it really was that delicious. So the late enforced walk to the supermarket was actually somewhat welcome. It had become necessary as a team mate that prefers not to be named had deemed the Cardamom Vinaigrette dishwater and poured it into the sink. And Cardamom is not exactly among our office kitchen's regular supplies. Well - now it is.

Spell the word "Brautstrauß" (bridal bouquet) backwards, pantomimically portray the Brandenburg Gate or model a forklift - parlor game "Cranium"'s hilarous tasks made time fly until well past midnight, when we eventually called it a night.

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