aiticon visit to CloudExpo 2015 in FrankfurtClear Vision in "Cloudy" Times

"We are all being cloudified" - said one of the speakers at CloudExpo Europe, which was held in Frankfurt alongside its sister event Data Centre World, on November 10th and 11th. This convention, obviously, was a must-visit for the aiticon team - not only because of it being right at our doorstep. 

At this, according to the hosts, "most influential cloud event in Germany", aiticon managing director Matthias Herlitzius was mainly interested in the various talks and panel discussions.

Safety first

Patrick Grete, Head of Cloud Security, commented on the BSI's (German Federal Office for Information Security) strategy: "We want to create transparency about the risks in the cloud". For that purpose, he recommended his listeners to have a look at the BSI's "IT-Grundschutz" (IT basic protection) catalogue. The participants to the panel "Cloud Compliance and Security - CSPs' and customers' Joint Responsibility" dealt with that same subject.

Buzzword "Cloud"

The word "cloud" having become the buzzword it is and the fact that this scares away more potential customers than the technology itself, was 1&1's Alexander Vierschrodt's subject matter; Sebastian Krause with IBM Cloud Europe spotted a "survival of the fittest" within recent developments on the cloud market: "Digital Darwinism is the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt."

Pro Open Source

Another panel discussion about security in public, private and hybrid clouds was followed by one entitled "Pro and Con for Open Source Cloud Solutions". The grammatically questionable "FOR" in the title and the cast on stage more than adumbrated a tendency on the matter: Matthias Pfützner with RedHat and Andreas Jaeger with Suse agreed that Open Source is not a question of money but one of philosophy. They yielded many affirmative nods, not only with Matthias Herlitzius. Symptomatic in this context: No vendor of proprietary cloud solutions followed the invitation to take part in this particular panel.

Dr. Béla Waldhauser took a trip down memory lane.
Dr. Béla Waldhauser took a trip down memory lane.

aiticon's managing director also took a trip to Data Center World - in this case, luckily, just meaning one step from blue to green carpet. With Dr. Béla Waldhauser, managing director with Telehouse Germany, he went on a both insightful and entertaining journey through the history of Germany's Data Center landscape, ending with the "Oligopolies on the Global Data Center Market" (as his talk was entitled).

Taken as a whole, CloudExpo Europe was a well diversified event that we will gladly visit again next year.

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