IT operationsMaximum Security Infrastructure

We know that for our customers, a lot is at stake - that's why we apply extremely high standards when chosing our data centers. Parts of our infrastructure are located within a renowned tier 3+ facility in Frankfurt that goes to any lengths for physical data security.

Sicherer als hier kann IT-Infrastruktur kaum aufgehoben sein.
Sicherer als hier kann IT-Infrastruktur kaum aufgehoben sein.

The data center, in which we have set up our own servers and those that we host for our customers, resembles a maximum security unit. Security service carefully controls each visitor. The enclosed complex's insides - we are talking about one of Germany's biggest data centers - are under complete video surveillance. The recordings are being stored according to all legal regulations. 

Redundant supply

Two independent, local 30 kV master stations with several megawatts of power supply, secured by several uniterruptible emergency power supply units provide "N+1"-redundant power supply. In case of a blackout in Frankfurt, the data center is self-sustaining for several days - thanks to its own diesel engines and corresponding tank capacities.

Cooling and fire protection

"N+1" standard, in addition to energy supply, also applies to cooling and air conditioning. Room temperature and humidity are continuously being monitored and regulated. In case of an emergengy, fire detectors trigger the influx of quenching gas that doesn't harm the servers, but lowers the oxygen level in the air far enough to exstinguish fire.

Best connectivity

Concerning connectivity, the data center of our choosing is very convincing: The carrier neutral facility lets us choose between numerous local and international network providers. It is ideally connected to the German Internet Exchange Hub (DE-CIX), as well as directly to the Frankfurt fibre ring, thus providing an extremely good digital infrastructure.

Flexible Infrastructure

The facility is certified according to all current national and international standards, of course. Despite its size, the data center's flexible infrastructure allows us to individually target our customers' wishes.

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