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Agile Development

It is important to us to actively involve our customer in the development process and to allow them to influence our work. Step by step, we get closer to your perfect solution.

Rapid Prototyping

The application platform appNG (PaaS), developed by aiticon, supports unterstützt Rapid Prototyping. Thus, we can produce a prototype before even starting the actual process of software development. On this basis, we can coordinate future functionalities with the users – without having to write a single line of source code.

Code Quality

Based on a prim code base, software „stands“ better. In order to assure our code’s quality, we value high test coverage, gather various code metrics and execute code reviews and refactorings.

Open Source Projects

It is with a firm conviction that we stand "on the shoulders of giants": In open source software such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, Flyway, Ehcache, Apache Commons, we use repeatedly proven and technically mature libraries. Thus, we don't have to reinvent the wheel; instead, we can focus all our attention on the respective application's business logic.


Using standard programming interfaces, protocols, file formats and libraries makes our development process slimmer. Plus, it gives us the highest possible vendor independence, makes our components flexibly interchangeable, increases their reusability and makes their integration into existing systems easier.

Continuous Integration

After every code change in our version control system, our continuous integration server automatically executes unit tests and builds the software. That way, we can detect mistakes in the source code at their origin.

Continuous Delivery

In order to boost our efficiency, we create so called delivery pipelines, which automatically transport the software to our development and test servers. This doesn’t just speed up our development processes, it also makes them less likely to fail.


Through measures like caching and optimized database access, our websites perform extremely well – even with high traffic. By load testing, we determine potential for optimization.


Separation of Concerns (SoC) is one of the basic principles within a modern development process. This allows for changes or updates in separate parts of a software, with the other parts working without interference.


  • Java
  • JAXB
  • JAX-WS
  • JPA
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • Apache Commons
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Lucene
  • Flyway
  • Ehcache
  • Quartz
  • HikariCP
  • JUnit
  • Mockito
  • SoapUI
  • Selenium
  • Apache JMeter
  • ImageMagick

This is how you develop today

The application platform appNG is both framework and application server

Groundwork and scaffolding at the same time: aiticon's application platform appNG is both a framework for quick web application development and the application server, on which the application runs at the same time.

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Clearly Separated - Well Combined

aiticon integrates SAP and OpenText Web Site Management

We are specialists when it comes to OpenText Web Site Management and have completed numerous successful projects - the "Mainova OnlineService Relaunch" being one of them. The main requirement for the new concept was to natively integrate the customer portal into the existing Mainova website.

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