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Responsive Web Design

No matter if your customer is sitting behind his desktop PC or holding a mobile device: your website looks good on every screen. We take care of that by accurately implementing technically complex layouts - like those that responsively adapt to the respective device.

OpenText Web Site Management

We have been a partner of Enterprise Content Management market leader OpenText since 2001. Our focus lies in developing complex international and multi-language projects with many editors, natively implementing web applications and dynamic content as well as automisation based on the programming interfaces RQL (RedDot Query Language) and OpenAPI.

Dynamic Webites

Dynamic content gives the visitor the chance to directly interact with your site – for a better user experience and a shorter loading time.

Cross Browser Testing

Firefox, Chrome and Safari or Internet Explorer: We make sure that the websites we design work perfectly. Anywhere.

XSL Development

This is the highly capable templating language we use to transform representation independent data based on XML into your up-to-date frontend.


We integrate OpenText Web Site Management into your existing IT landscape. By means of a connection to your Active Directory or LDAP repository or by integration into the SAP Enterprise Portal, your editors or users can edit your website or access your personalized intranet – with a single sign-on.

Content Migration

We migrate your content and structures from an existing project or an external data source into your new Management Server project.

Internet, Intranet, Extranet

No matter if your website is meant for the public, your employees or for an external group of people: We'll develop the right solution.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Ajax, Rich Clients
  • jQuery
  • Sass, Less
  • Bootstrap, Foundation
  • XML
  • XSD (XML Scheme Definition)
  • XPath

Responsive Web Development

Since April 21st, 2015, the fact whether a website is optimized for mobile displays plays a role in how prominently it is listed within a Google search. Websites developed by aiticon don't have anything to fear here: They are developed fully responsive, meaning they adapt to the device on which they are to be displayed. How does "Responsive Web Development" work? aiticon developer Juri Zukovskij explains.


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OpenText Web Site Management

Flexible, user friendly, secure, and with our experience - we have been an official partner since our company's foundation in 2001 - dynamic, too: That is OpenText Web Site Management. In spite of several name changes,  it remains one of the great enterprise-level web content management systems.

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