aiticon - About USWe stand for Continuity.

aiticon is an independent, owner-operated IT services provider based in Frankfurt am Main and Hoppstädten-Weiersbach, Germany. True to our company motto “developing your web”, we have been providing web development, software development and IT operations since 2001. 

aiticon creates websites and web applications for companies and enterprises, always bearing in mind your organization’s individual needs; by means of our own IT infrastructure, we can also run those applications. Web development, software development and IT operations: Our three main areas of expertise cover the whole course of your IT project.

Everything we do is online

No matter if it’s internet, intranet or extranet: we develop modern, highly performing and scalable websites for all current devices and browsers. Our software is two things in particular: “on the internet”, meaning it runs on a server, and it is individually adjusted to every single customer.

However, by using the application platform appNG that we developed, we can realize brief time-to-market and high cost effectiveness. In operating server systems, we cater to individual wishes as well. With us, you don’t have to choose between physical and virtual servers – we gladly offer a combination of the two. 

Our applications are extremely flexible: created just for you, they can deliver your content to a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone – or any other end device.

It's complicated? Great!


Long-term experience and continuous technological advancement allow us to realize complex requirements like international web projects with several country and language variants, edited by decentralized specialists in their respective location.


In order to be able to edit your content without our ongoing assistance, you do not necessarily have to be IT specialists. Thanks to easily understandable forms, assistants and a workflow structured according to your organisation's needs, our web projects are intuitive to handle. Plus, the websites we devise, implement and operate are designed for scalability and high availability.

OpenText Select Partner

aiticon founder and CEO Matthias Herlitzius and his team are your long term partners in Enterprise Information Management. Regarding website management, aiticon is Select Partner to market leader OpenText and has successfully made its mark, providing technologically advanced and particularly efficient, custom-made solutions.

Whether it is web development, software development or hosting services, we take pride in not automatically going for the fastest and easiest route, but the most sustainble one - we'll get to the bottom of things.

Growing with our customers

Among aiticon’s customers, there are enterprises from different industries like manufacturing, commerce and service corporations, as well as those from food, real estate, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and tourism sectors.

Since its foundation in 2001, aiticon has been growing steadily – along with its customers and along with the size of the projects entrusted to us. In addition to the company headquarters in Frankfurt, a subsidiary is located in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach's Eco Campus Birkenfeld.


Frankfurt Office

The aiticon headquarters could hardly be located any more conveniently: right in the middle of downtown Frankfurt, just a few minutes on foot from the public transportation hub Konstabler Wache and the famous shopping street "Zeil" - this is where the company moved in late October 2013. On the eighth floor of the office building "MA" in Stephanstraße 1, the aiticon team has enough space - as in square footage as well as in "head space" - for their daily duties.

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Hoppstädten-Weiersbach Office

Surrounded by nature but still highly modern: aiticon's "outpost" in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach lies in a very rural area, but it is a part of the Umweltcampus (Eco Campus) Birkenfeld, a branch of Trier University. This "Zero Emission University" is unique within Europe and hosts 2.700 students within eleven bachelor, three dual bachelor and eleven master degree programs; 14 research institutes and competence centers work on subjects like sustainability, future technologies and new media.

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