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Four Good Reasons for Open Source

aiticon stands for intelligent open source solutions since 2001. Why we are convinced of open source software:

Reason #1: Greater freedom

An obvious advantage of open source is the possibility to view the source code. If a problem arises, a look into the code can be taken to find out for oneself what is going wrong. At aiticon, our specialists work daily to penetrate their field and can draw on years of continuously expanding knowledge. This goes hand in hand with a freedom that we do not want to be taken away from us.

If you use proprietary software, you are always dependent on the manufacturer. Although licensed software does not automatically lead to a much-dreaded vendor lock-in, this kind of software always limits the flexibility to react to problems. Of course, there is always the possibility to contact the manufacturer's customer support, but you have no influence on how quickly or whether the problem is addressed at all.

Reason #2: Diversity of manufacturers and suppliers

Competition benefits customers because it creates a variety of vendors and new solutions. This also applies to open source products. The access to source code that is possible for everyone gives rise to forks, i.e. new software projects that branch off from the original software.

The result is a diverse and extensive range from which customers can choose, as well as numerous providers who specialize in open source. This is practical, because customers do not have to rely on a single service provider. For this reason, too, there is no need to fear a lock-in.

Reason #3: Investment in knowledge, not in license fees

Only those who know what to do can gain an advantage when it comes to open source. Extremely well-trained experts who are continuously educating themselves are therefore a necessity.

Managing this financially is a disadvantage of open source - one might think. But it is clear that whoever invests in their employees not only builds up knowledge in their own company, but also secures the company's continued existence in the long term. Instead of investing in licenses, we invest in the resilience of our company.

Reason #4: It’s a way of life.

Many eyes see more than one pair and together we are strong. Both of these sayings apply to open source software. It is often further developed by a large, worldwide community. This not only means that the brightest minds can contribute their expertise to a project, regardless of company affiliation, place of residence or time zone. Rather, it is this collaborative spirit that has helped numerous open source projects achieve full success over time, not least Linux.

Open Source means give and take. For this reason, the aiticon aPaaS solution appNG is also published as open source software.

You want to get to the bottom of things and work with us on open source solutions?

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