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More Resilience for your Cloud

Increase the reliability of your cloud with multi cloud solutions by aiticon.

The European cloud market seems to be split: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google combine the biggest chunk of 69% market share, according to a statistics of the market analyst Synergy from the second quarter of 2021.  While this share is growing even more, it seems that the chance of being successful in the long run for smaller providers is not so big – or is it?

Cloud specialists help with particular requirements

The market analyst estimates: that depends. If provider focus on use cases that require a particular solution and not an out-of-the-box setting, the outlook is rather positive. After all, there are enough use cases that place a high demand on data protection guidelines, as well as customer segments that value personal support.

Resilient Cloud Infrastructures

Of course, personal support is a clear plus point for alternative cloud providers. However, the advantages of also relying on other cloud service providers in addition to the hyperscale cloud providers lie primarily in the resilient infrastructure. Resilience, i.e., resistance to adverse influences, for the cloud can be achieved with strategic resource allocation. A few service providers aggregate the most customers; not only, but also in the cloud business. If one of these services is disrupted, the damage is also potentially greater. A multi cloud strategy is therefore recommended. Why this matters was demonstrated in December 2021, for example, when the hyperscaler AWS experienced outages.

On the one hand, this makes it clear that there can be no such thing as one hundred percent fail-safe, even with the market leader. On the other hand, the incident confirms the importance of the multi cloud for increased reliability: resilience increases with diversification.

Well secured with the multi cloud

For your step into the multi cloud, aiticon is at your side with experience and know-how. With our own data centers in Germany and a very high vertical integration, we are independent of other providers. Thanks to our excellent network, we enable, among other things, direct and high-performance connections to all hyperscalers – without the data stacks taking the route via the public internet.

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