Next Generation Information Managementaiticon at EIM Convention

"To today's toddlers, a newspaper will seem like nothing more than a broken iPad", said Adam Howatson, Chief Marketing Officer with OpenText, in his keynote about the "Digital-First World" at OpenText Innovation Tour in Munich in late March. This interesting insight - and numerous others - presented themselves to aiticon managing director Matthias Herlitzius at the convention organized by the Enterprise Information Management market leader. Additionally, Herlitzius took the chance to spread some news himself: Together with Torsten Seidl from Mainova AG, he presented the application platform appNG and its use within the energy provider's OnlineService.

"OpenText Innovation Tour" is an annual series of events touring the whole world: Asia-Pacific, North and South Amerika as well as Europe and, for the first time in 2015, Shanghai and Johannesburg.In Munich, for example, 763 visitors met 17 exhibitors and listened to 63 presentations.

"Disrupt or die"

EIM market leader OpenText thus provide their partners - Select Partner aiticon among them - with the chance to intensively compare notes on digital information management within enterprises, underlining the firm conviction that the rapid digitalization of the business world will only benefit those companies that face this task in a quick, confident and professional manner. Following this idea, OpenText-CEO Mark Barrenechea's latest book bears the title "Digital Disrupt or Die".

Exchange with peers

aiticon specializes in website management using OpenText, so Herlitzius first went looking for some exchange with his colleagues at the OpenText Web Solutions user group's round table. This independent association of OpenText partners and customers is supposed to stimulate exchange and lobbying with the producer.

Version control for content classes

Here, Herlitzius suggested introducing version control for content classes. "Version control has been tried and proven within software development, but in the context of OpenText Management Server, they unfortunately cannot be applied yet", he said - and yielded agreement from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)'s Ulrich Weiß, who was heading the discussion in his role as the user group's vice-chairman and promised to raise the issue with OpenText.

Digitalized sales

Intrigued, Herlitzius listened to Christian Niederhagemann's entertaining talk about the sales process within the KHS group, entitled "completely digital from the first customer contact until the ready-for-dispatch quote" (rough translation). KHS CIO Niedernhagemann is currently focused on coordinating the enterprise's worldwide business and IT landscapes, especially the integration of sales, engineering, production and service processes.

Real-time communication

Moreover, KHS, one of the leading providers of bottling and packing solutions, is implementing an international platform on which employees, customers and suppliers can communicate and collaborate in real time. By using this solution, KHS reduces the time needed to produce a quotation - a highly complex process, considering their portfolio of highly specialized and differentiated machines with worldwide production sites - to a fraction.

Glittering gala

For the evening gala, several hundred participants in the perfectly organized fair took from Hotel Dolce Munich to the event location "Kesselhaus", where OpenText produced quite a buzz by means of a flying buffet and an open bar - and the elaborately staged laser show, of course.

Matthias Herlitzius explained, among other things, the portlets' layer architecture as used in this project.
Matthias Herlitzius explained, among other things, the portlets' layer architecture as used in this project.

On the convention's second day, the most important hour, from Herlitzius' point of view, followed: Together with Torsten Seidl, the responsible team leader with Mainova AG, he presented the project "Mainova OnlineService". appNG, the application platform developed by aiticon and applied here, is runtime environment and development platform at the same time and can be used as a whole or just in part, which happened in case of the Mainova project. Either way, it offers considerable benefit in terms of efficiency and quality.

In a technologically profound but, from a listener's perspective, still understandable presentation, Herlitzius showed how appNG considerably simplified the realization of Mainova's wishes.

After the presentation, avid listeners took the chance to ask Herlitzius (2nd from the right) more detailed questions.
After the presentation, avid listeners took the chance to ask Herlitzius (2nd from the right) more detailed questions.

In the following, the opportunity to talk to some of the attendees presented itself, as well as to deepen the technical background and to make sure that the idea behind appNG meets a good deal of approval.  

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